Have you ever had a problem with your computer? It's running to slow? These pop-ups keep coming every second? I can't get my computer to turn on? Well, I'm going to give 5 examples of something that might be going wrong with a computer, and some ways to fix them without having to ask someone to help every time!
    Problem #1: My computer won't turn on!
    How to fix it: Well first, make sure you tried turning your computer on! If that isn't the problem, then check to see if all of the cords are plugged in. Try unplugging and replugging the cords. Follow the cords all the way back to the wall, and make sure it's plugged in there too.

 Problem #2: My computer is running SO SLOW!
    How to fix it: Close all of your extra windows open, then in the lower right hand corner of the screen you'll see a menu bar by the clock. Right click and close all of the programs not being used. This should help speed up your computer by not having so many extra things running.

 Problem #3: The whole computer is frozen and will not move.
    How to fix it: Press and hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons twice. This should shut down the computer, but if it doesn't then hit the on/off switch, and wait 10 seconds until starting the computer up again.

Problem #4: My mouse won't move!
    How to fix it:
First make sure your mouse is plugged into the right spot, and if you have a USB mouse, try plugging it into a different spot. Try hitting the Alt+F4 buttons until the shut down Windows box appears. You can then select to shut down by using your arrow keys and Tab buttons.

Problem #5: My task bar is gone. (That's the bar at the bottom of the monitor)
How to fix it: You can get to your website in your task bar by hitting Alt+Tab and you can scan through the websites you had in your task bar. You can then get to the website that you want to go to.

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