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    I'm now finished with the Basic Computers class, and will not be using this blog anymore. I very much recommend this course to others because you get to learn a lot about computers, and these days we need to stay up in technology. 

    The course benefits everyone who takes it because you learn how to fix small computer problems, and all of this could help you with a future job.

     I really enjoyed digital images because you got to edit an image, and it was a lot of fun. It was a little challenging, but it looked cool in the end! I also liked the emoticons, because I got to learn new emoticons, and abbreviations. 

    One of the activities I'm most proud of myself I would have to say is digital images. I think it looks cool! I also like troubleshooting, because I've had problems happen to me on the computer, except I never knew what to do. That really helped my computer skills. I've enjoyed this course, but now I’m done and have enjoyed every bit of it.

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