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   Learning Online means going to school, and taking classes all on the Internet!  You can do them at any time of day.  There are blended classes, which is going into a classroom a few days a week, but then doing the rest of the classes online.
     In order to be successful with taking classes online, you cannot be a procrastinator.  You have to be self-motivated, or an independent worker. You need to be organized, and you should know somewhat about technology. 
    Three online courses that look interesting to me are:
1.  FreeByte-  They have anywhere from learning a new language, to learning a new instrument.
2.  Freemania-  It also has many different courses you can take.
3.  Alison-
  It has more of Science, Math, and those kinds of classes, which everyone needs to take.
Mrs. Jorae
10/6/2011 06:32:54 am

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