I'm sure you probably use emoticons and abbreviations in your daily life more than you think. An emoticon is a combination of the words emotion and icon, and they are used to show happiness, sadness, or about anything that you can come up with. But you shouldn't use an emoticon when talking to someone like your boss in the future. It's not appropiate. An example:  :-)
    An abbreviation is used instead of writing out longer words. When texting, people want to find the easiest way to communicate, so instead of writing 'Talk To You Later' people just put TTYL.

    Here are 10 emoticons and abbreviations that I found:
            1.) @}-;-'---   = Rose
            2.) >_>^ ^<_<   = High Five
            3.) FOCL   = Falling Off Chair Laughing
            4.) TLK2ULR  = Talk To You Later 
            5.) d-_-b d^_^b    = Listening to music, or thumbs up
            6.) >:)   = Evil
            7.) JIC   = Just In Case
            8.) ASAP   = As Soon As Possible
            9.) ZZzzz...   = Sleeping
           10.) B-)   = Wearing shades

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